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    Research Groups
    W020130612617066995689.jpg Prof Li-Jun Wan
    CAS Academician, Fellow of TWAS. Electrochemistry, Nanostructured materials f...
    wangchunru.jpg Prof Chun-Ru Wang
    Endohedral Fullerenes; Nanomaterials and Nanodevices; Biochemistry
    W020131105807759686401.jpg Prof Xiaohong Fang
    Single-molecue dynamics; Nanobiosensor; Nanoparticle-cell interaction
    songweiguo.jpg Prof Wei-Guo Song
    Nano-catalysis; Nano-adsorption
    guoyuguo.jpg Prof Yu-Guo Guo
    Li-ion batteries; Surface nanocoating; Li-S batteries; Novel rechargable batt...
    wangdong.jpg Prof Dong Wang
    Scanning Probe Microscopy; 2D nano-structured materials; Self-assembly
    shuchunying.jpg Prof Chunying Shu
    Nanomaterials for theranostics; Imaging of nanobiomaterials
    hujinsong-preview.jpg Prof Jin-Song Hu
    Electrochemical energy conversion; Solar energy conversion
    caoanmin.jpg Prof An-Min Cao
    Cathode materials for LIBs; Surface and interface control of functional mate...
    News Events
    Progress in Single-Layered Two-imensional COF!
    Prof. Alan L. Balch from UC Davis visits the lab
    Prof. Hua Zhang from NUST come to visit the lab
    Globally Homochirality Control of 2D Molecular Assembly by Co-absorbers
    Great Progress on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
      Contact us 

    CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology

    Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2 North First Street, Zhongguancun

    Beijing, PR China 100190

    TEL: 86-10-82614350


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    2 North First Street, Zhongguancun, Beijing, PR China 100190