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    Prof Li-Jun Wan
    Prof. Li-Jun Wan, CAS Academician, Fellow of TWAS.Research Interests: Electrochemistry,Nanostructured materials for energy conversion / storage and environmental protection, Scanning probe microsco...
        Scaning probe mic...  
    Our researches mainly focus on the interdisciplinary science of scanning tunneling microscopy, electrochemistry and surface science. We put forward the adsorption and self-assembly rules based on d...
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        Progress of scientific research  
    Globally Homochirality Control of 2D ...
    Globally Homochirality Control of 2D Molecular Assembly by Co-absorbers
    Rutile-TiO2 Nanocoating Synthesized f...
    Rutile-TiO2 Nanocoating Synthesized for High-Rate Li4Ti5O12 Anode Material
        New Papers  
    We demonstrate a self-limiting solid-vapor interface reaction strategy to fabricate highly ordered SCOFs. The coupling reaction is tailored to take place at the solid-vapor interface by introducing one precursor via vaporization to the surface pre-loaded with the other precursor. Following this s...
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